Our Story

Westgate Communications, LLC was founded during the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It was an exciting time of change for the industry. Since then, the communications industry has continued to maintain its fast-paced growth; with a constant stream of new technologies and innovative solutions to handle our ever-changing technology needs. Westgate prides itself in being nimble and intuitive to move its business model to adapt to these changes. We not only offer Telephone, Internet & TV services, but we offer them in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions in the lower 48 states; the Stehekin Exchange, located at the end of Lake Chelan in Washington State. This area is bordered by a National Recreational area, two wilderness areas and a National Park. There are no roads that access this pristine, remote, area which is located on an isolated power grid.

Our Founder
Richard J. Weaver has been in the communications industry since 1994 and has been with Westgate Communications since its inception in 1996.  He has a B.S. in Management with Minors in Accounting & Manufacturing Technology.  He holds certifications in Ribbons’ C-15 soft switch, and numerous other manufacturer’s equipment.
Prior to creating and building the Stehekin Exchange, he engineered and operated the Telephone/Fax world-wide Sea-Launch Network, was the telecommunications consultant and operator for the Brewster Teleport; owned and operated by US Electrodynamics, Inc., and was active in the MCI Network.
Some of his overseas work includes engineering and installing the first independent Telephone/Internet network in Madagascar for International Toll aggregation, upgrading and installing several remote sites in the Russian Fareast, serving as an International Toll aggregator for Sakhalin Island, Russia, and receiving and operating a pseudo city code issued by the Russian Federation.
Richard enjoys spending time with his three boys, working in and vacationing in foreign countries, off road motorcycles and watching extreme sports.